Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weather Update for Events

Forecast for July
Super hot from now 'til late July. I sooo hope that doesn't translate to forest fires, but... :-(

Nonetheless, I will persevere.

I didn't set up at the Music Festival. They changed a lot of the rules and restricted the accessibility to the the vendors to Paying Festival Goers only. That wasn't where my few sales came from in the past, so I skipped.

I will install at Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Conference Center on 6 July. I still have a few pieces to get ready for that. And 11 July is the annual Marysville Picnic; I think this is the 47th edition. Live music, shade, barbeque, fun!

Next will be a long, hot drive (my car doesn't have AC) to the Roscoe presentation. It is in the evening, and I've already booked a room nearby--Roscoe has no motels (according to Wikipedia, the 2010 census had the population at fifteen)--that I can check into at 3PM, and get refreshed for the presentation.

The next presentation will be on a cooler day near the end of the month at First People's Buffalo Jump, near Ulm, Montana. Afternoon, but inside. Nice!

I just really, really hope all this won't be done in smoke-filled atmospheres.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Hot Time In Helena

Hot Days and Hot music slated for the Mt. Helena Music Festival, 26 - 27 June (Montana). I've got extra water bottles ready, as I'll be set up as a vendor during the festival. I'll have PhotoArt and my books (of course). Each time I've done this event, I've had a fairly shady spot. Hope for the same this year.
This is part of my 2011 set up

If you're in the area of Helena's Women's Park, stop by and enjoy the music (fee) and artisans (free), and bring some ice. I'd appreciate that :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Next PhotoArt Event Looming

The installation of my PhotoArt at D.A. Davidson & Co. in Helena, was successfully completed on 15 June. Phew! Twenty-eight images went up on their walls, with room to spare. They will remain there until mid-November. I don’t have a lot of BIG finished pieces. My largest are 18”x24” framed. I did, however, spend a few bucks to produce a dramatic piece for the reception area.
At 30” x 25” it gives a bright focus in the lobby. This D.A. Davidson (DAD) branch swaps out art work several times each year solely for the purpose of having a variety of visual interest for their employees and clients. The images can be marked with a price (which I did) and DAD doesn't expect a commission—how rare! But there is a lot of wall space to fill.

I don’t produce pieces larger than 18”x24” mostly because they are hard to transport to land shows; and if they get damaged at an outdoor show (wind, rain, hail—I’ve been caught in them all) replacement is very expensive. However, most of my images can be produced up to 40”x36” through my Fine Art America portfolio, where the images can also be printed on canvas, acrylic, metal, throw pillows and tote bags.

But no time to contemplate that. My next events are looming: The Mt. Helena Music Festival on 26, 27 June, and ten days later I install an exhibit in the Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Conference Center dining room.

Back to work.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jeff Gibson Project

Full cover for print edition

Production is finished for Jeff Gibson's third book. He is a stickler about how he wants things to read. Made oodles of corrections even after the text was supposedly finished. That makes it good for his readers--not to be stumbling through awkward sentences, and so on. More authors should do those double and triple checks.

A Summer Near Two Horse is available for Kindle and Nook, as well as in print.